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Using customer segmentation for the success of your betting business

Every betting customer is different and unique – and that’s how they want to be treated, be it in marketing or in the offer of a sports betting platform. In order to address their own customers as individually as possible and thereby use company resources efficiently, betting providers should make use of the possibility of… Read More »

Indicators for advertising effectiveness in sports betting

Targeted advertising is arguably one of the most crucial factors for a sports betting operator’s success. However, without detailed knowledge about the influences of these advertising attributes on bettors, it is hard to develop efficient marketing strategies. This article is aimed to summarise recent research on the the effectiveness of different attributes and inducements of… Read More »

5 things you must know before starting your sports betting business

Every beginning is difficult – that’s also true for the sports betting business. That’s why as a prospective sports betting provider it is all the more important to ask the right questions right from the beginning in order to position yourself correctly. These 5 questions form the basis for starting your successful sports betting operation.